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Illuminated Letters and Logos

Illuminated letters installed on your building is just another option available to meet your signage needs.  Illuminated letters, constructed from a variety of components, is a clear, impressive method to identify your business.  Illuminated letters can have a powerful visual impact, especially at night.  Channel letters, one form of illuminated letters, provides a very elegant image when illuminated with halo lighting.  Halo lighting in the past generally was created with neon, but has been replaced with LED lighting to allow for a more efficient and cost effective light source.

Illuminated Letter Signs
illuminated letter signs 1 illuminated letter signs 2
illuminated letter signs 3 illuminated letter signs 4
illuminated letter signs 5 illuminated letter signs 6
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With our computerized routing system, your corporate letter style can easily be reproduced into illuminated letters and a replica of your logo created with great detail.  Cast metal letters can be manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes.  Formed plastic letters are constructed in a wide range of colors in a variety of durable materials including Lexan.