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Featured Product: Message Centers

Electronic Message CentersMessage centers are probably the most effective form of advertising being used today. They are not only a highly efficient way to reach a large volume of people but they are also extremely economical to operate.

What Makes Message Centers So Effective?

A message center offers a unique way to capture the attention of your community.  It allows you to communicate more freely with your passers-by at any particular time of day by changing the message and graphic of your sign to match the profile on the street.  For example, you can develop a message to target the people passing by through the week on their way back and forth to work each day. But you may want an entirely different message for the weekend traveler. Giving you the freedom to strategically target your market is one of the reasons a message center is such a powerful marketing tool.

In addition, message centers are the only method of advertising that will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

What Makes Message Centers So Economical To Operate?

The type of message centers that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) uses 90% less electricity than other signs.  How?  An LED, unlike incandescent bulbs, does not use a filament where a conductor is heated and light is created.  For  this reason, LEDs use less electricity and will illuminate brighter. 

Where Are Electronic Message Centers Best Used?

Message Centers are used by a wide variety of businesses including banks, retail stores, colleges, car dealers and even churches.  Basically anyone wanting to increase traffic and ultimately sales, have realized the benefit of message centers.  Studies have proven the effect message centers have on a business’s bottom line. For more info, please go here or call Sekula Sign Corporation at 1-800-598-4013.