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Quality Flags and Experienced Flagpole Installation

A flag blowing in the wind high above your establishment is a sure way to attract the attention of passers by and establish you as a landmark in your community.  Installing a flagpole and displaying a flag is a great way to establish a common bond with the public and promote a positive image.  Show your patriotism and respect to veterans, ex-military and patriots by proudly displaying a U.S. flag.With the country in the midst of a war on terrorism, companies that display the U.S. flag emit a powerful message that will have a positive effect on business.

Custom flags are also available and are a great way to generate excitement for any promotion or sale.

flags and flagpoles
flags and flagpoles 1 flags and flagpoles 2
flags and flagpoles 3 flags and flagpoles 4

Sekula Sign Corporation is well experienced in proper flagpole installation.  We can assist you with optimal site selection and proper engineering design for your flagpole installation that will meet and exceed all wind load requirements.