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Donor Recognition Signage: Donor Plaques, Donor Walls and Donor Trees

Fundraising campaigns are often complex and entail multiple stages and giving levels. A donor recognition display is a sophisticated way to honor those who give to your cause so generously.

Effective donor recognition display will:

  • Show genuine appreciation for the gifts

  • Reflect the variations in contributions

  • Capture the essence of the campaign

  • Encourage more giving for on-going campaigns

  • Instill pride in the organization

  • Allow growth
Donor Recognition Signage
donor recognition sign 1 donor recognition sign 2
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Aesthetics are also important. Donor recognition signs should be attractive and complement the surrounding decor. From the initial consultation to the final sign installation, Sekula Sign Corporation’s highly experienced staff will guide you through the multi-step process of creating a one-of-a-kind donor recognition system that accomplishes the expression of gratitude while still looking great in your facility.

Types of Donor Recognition Signage:

  • Custom designed donor walls

  • Donor recognition trees

  • Donor plaques