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Plaques, Military Seals and Interior Signage

A plaque gives a unique impression that is both classic and elegant. Often used to identify memorials, parks, historical sites and new buildings, plaques are a permanent way to exhibit the pride of an achievement or to honor the past in a noble and timeless way.

plaques, military seals
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Plaques also offer a perfect way to display your company name and corporate logo on your grounds, on your building, in a corridor or lobby entrance.  It tells the world who you are with distinction and pride.

These masterful castings will justify your original investment through low maintenance and unequaled durability. 

Some examples of plaques are:

  • Cast bronze plaques
  • Etched brass plaques
  • Etched stainless steel plaques
  • Cast aluminum plaques
  • Etched plaques
  • Military seals
  • Custom laminated emblems and logo designs